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When you first get diagnosed with a mental disorder that requires medication, there is an intense amount of shame. We want to kill that stigma as quickly as possible and make a campaign that gen-z would be proud of. 

The line “IYMYK” is an acronym for “If You’re Medicated, You Know.” We didn’t want to flaunt a specific disorder or medication, but instead make it an exclusive club. 

First we created characters to represent each disorder.

Then made a pamphlet that will be given in every order of merch, medication refill, and on the CVS website. 


By making digital stickers of the individual characters, consumers can create a unique Instagram story that represents them.

TikTok user generated videos

Starting a trend of fit checks in CVS to pick up mental disorder medication helps  gen-z to let go of the stigma.

If you have to do something everyday, make it fun.

ptsd patch__edited_edited.png
bpd patch_edited_edited.png
MEDS UNDERWEAR (1)_edited.png

made with lots of love, adderall, and zoloft.

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